Social Sector Services


Socio-Economic Research Division undertakes studies at different stages starting from conception, commissioning, monitoring to evaluation of Socio-economic developmental projects


Sectors of Specific Expertise


Spectrum Planning with its wide experience in research and consultancy in different fields has undertaken various sector specific studies.  The areas of where Spectrum Planning provides its expertise are the following:

Women and Child Development

Health and Nutrition

Education, including curricula development

Tourism, Aviation and Transport

Rural and Community Development

Joint Forest Management

Urban and Slum Development

Human Resource Management

Services offered in the above sectors


Spectrum Planning offers its services in different stages of the project, viz., from planning and commissioning stage to monitoring and final evaluation stage. The services offered at different stages of the project are the following:


Project Planning and Commissioning Stage

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Baseline and Benchmark Assessment

Project Planning

Beneficiaries Need Assessment (BNA)

Training Need Assessment (TNA)

IEC Studies

KAP Studies

Project Monitoring Stage

Mid-term Evaluation

Concurrent Evaluation

Project Evaluation and Assessment Stage

End-term Evaluation

Impact Assessment

Methods and Techniques used


The studies are carried out using various problem-solving tools and techniques, viz., secondary or desk research, and primary or field research. The techniques used most often are the following:

Secondary / Desk Research

Primary Research

  • Quantitative Method using applied Economics/Econometrics

  • Qualitative Method which includes

  • In-depth interviews

  • Focus Group Discussions

  • Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)

  • Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA)

(Please Refer Achievements for details of projects)



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