Information Technology Strategy and Supply Chain


The Importance of IT Strategy


Meeting company objectives to maximize profitability and maintain competitive advantage is increasingly reliant on the interpretation of business information and the application of systems technology. This is particularly important for the supply chain, which is dependent on market trends, operational professional performance, service levels, exception and costs.


Given the central position of the supply chain in business strategy, it follows that IT strategy must be totally integrated into a company's business plan to achieve effective supply chain operation and real competitive edge.


It is no longer appropriate to view It as an operational cost, but as an investment. Like all investments IT must generate a pay back. It is also very susceptible to obsolescence and the constraining effects that outdated equipment can have on the business.


Supply Chain Optimization and IT Strategy Development


Optimizing the supply chain only be achieved through the application of IT derived from a clear IT strategy.


Using specialist supply chain It consulting skills supported by in-house programming resources and the application of effective proprietary supply chain software, Spectrum Planning use a proven methodology that integrates it and supply chain strategies. 




Taking full account of supply chain dynamics, customer service requirements, market strategy and demand profiles, undertaking an It strategy study facilitates the development of the coherent plan for IT application and investment.


In laying the foundation for supply chain optimization, it is reduces wasted resources and ensures that the company is well placed to benefit from opportunities as they occur. 


Chain Audit is a diagnostic evaluation of the effectiveness and systems, costs, resources and information requirements needed to meet the demands of optimum customer services. 


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