The Supply Chain Audit




Undertaking a supply chain audit identifies opportunities for improving performance, profitability and customer service.


A total perspective is essential, given the inter-relation of all the supply chain elements, whereby changes made to one component will impact on all others.


Applying our philosophy of improving performance by integrating all aspects of the supply chain in the total business strategy, ensures that our recommendations are concordant with meeting corporate goals.




More than a routine health check or exercise in due diligence, a supply chain audit is a diagnostic evaluation of the effectiveness and systems, costs, resources and information requirements needed to meet the demands of optimum customer services. 




Our methodology comprises an internal review of procedures. Logistics, costs and information requirements, coupled with an external evaluation of customer service criteria that define the supply chain.



Supply Chain Structure


Volume throughput

Physical Handling, Warehousing & transport

Cost Structure and overhead apportionment

IT effectiveness

Determination and Measurement   of customer service

Forecasting Methodology

Resource Planning

Supply Chain Standards

Information flows


Customer needs and requirements

Customer supply chain

Perception of service requirements and problem issues

Following the internal review and external evaluation, customer service policies are defined to serve as the basis for the implementation of new supply chain management processes.




At the conclusion of a supply chain audit, client management have clear understanding and objective assessment of opportunities for development and improvement. Our recommendations include action plans for delivering immediate benefits from enhanced efficiencies and customer service levels that integrate into overall business strategy.


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The Supply Chain Audit


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