Marketing Strategy and The Supply Chain




Effective marketing is dependent upon profitability addressing consumer requirements and achieving customer loyalty by superior service levels. This can only be achieved if marketing and sales management take full account of the dynamics of the total supply chain from conception through distribution to consumption.


Integrating Supply Chain Dynamics with Marketing Strategy


Using our understanding of supply chain dynamics, and the application of specialist decision support software, Spectrum Planning works alongside marketing, sales and trade marketing management to assists the generation of improved profitability, enhance customer service and competitive edge.

Our objective is to match end user and customer requirements to the most efficient operation of the supply chain, through:


Improving Marketing and Sales Effectiveness


Projects that deliver and improved marketing and sales operation by integrating supply chain dynamics are tailor made to client requirements.


Trade Marketing and Research strategy development  and implementation based on addressing the requirements of key trade sector and customer supply chains

Customer Account Contribution- modeling the true profitability of key trade sectors and customers

Sales Forecasting- FuturMaster  specialist software

Computerized Space Management Optima shelf space optimization

Training- ensuring marketing and sales management awareness of developments in their customer supply chains




Integrating supply chain dynamics into marketing, sales and trade marketing strategy ensures the most appropriate allocation of resources and reinforces customer loyalty through improved logistics, service delivery and profitability .


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