Data Analytics & Audit


This Group Specialises in Decision Sciences comprising Data Collation, Database design , Data Analysis, Reporting, Conducting ImpactAssessment, Monitoring & Evaluations Studies, Baseline Studies and Operations Research.


Audit of Citizen Charter Areas                                                                                         


Typical Scope of work under the Audits Include:


Operational improvements as well as systemic issues

Critical / urgent areas and also ‘low hanging fruits

Phase wise introductions


Our focus in Audit exercise is to assess the extent to which the systems are:-






Public Grievance Redressal System:


These are classified under 3 Categories:


Critical and Urgent

Essential / Required and 

Additional recommendations


Critical & Urgent:


Roles & responsibility matrix


Steering Committee

Communication gaps

Training Gaps


Essential & required:


Monthly review with regional officers

Total time lag

Repeat complainant



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  Data Analytics & Audit


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