Supply Chain Management

We provide a total supply chain perspective. Our experience , state of the art technologies and skills transcending conventional functional areas in an organization.

We undertake strategic and implementation assignments in all sectors, whether manufacturing, distribution, service or retail addressing any supply chain issue relating to:


Marketing and Sales

Management and Organization

Competency Mapping

IT Strategy

Software Development


By integrating supply chain optimization and IT with overall business strategy, we enable client organizations to benefit from operational efficiencies, enhanced customer service and competitive edge in achieving their corporate goals.

Synopsis of Expertise Areas                                                                                         

Supply Chain Design And Optimization:

Detailed analysis of existing Supply Chains including customer and product performances

Design of new Supply Chains to support the Customer Service Ethic

Re-Engineering Business and Supply Chains

Project Management of  design, build and implementation of the physical resources

Retail supply chain design

Establishment of effective Inventory Management  with the objective to  reduce inventory

   levels without affecting Customer Service levels

Shelf Space Optimization:

Shelf space optimization including shelf planning, Plano gram production, product cube   

   optimization and DPP evaluations

Store Design

Information Technology:

Development of information technology strategies

Evaluation of the Information Technology available within a business and the specification of 

   what is essential to manage and control the supply chains

Being active members of the teams undertaking the re-engineering projects

Supply Chain Cost Models:

Development of Supply Chain optimization & Costing models

Product development within supply chains

Company Specific:

Establishment of Customer Service Culture in Companies

Creation of Strategies

Sales based ordering development and implementation

Development of Demand planning within an organization

The Creation and implementation of Effective Consumer Response environments

Evaluation of sales and marketing operations/departments to create a customer focus and to

   increase efficiencies.

Development of Trade marketing within a company

Design and Project Management:

Design and specification of Physical resources (Warehouses, material handling Equipment, Storage Media) to optimize the flow and costs of  product and raw materials through the supply chain.

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