Business Processes Re-engineering (BPR)


The BPR would comprise of following steps:


Planning: This step would entail planning activities that would include the creation of a project scope document, and an examination of existing workflow system. The building blocks of the organization/administrative department are covered.


As-Is Assessment: This assessment primarily comprises of examining the existing workflow processes and system used by the organization. A business process map for the current process is prepared. Subsequently, similar activities are grouped for process normalization and redundant activities are proposed for removal.


Target Envisioning: The target organisation is envisioned after benchmarking of the normalized processes with by comparison of both the performance of the organization's processes and the way those processes are conducted with those relevant to best practices in the industry to obtain ideas for improvement.


To-Be Process: After the identification of potential improvements to the existing processes, the development of the To-Be workflow system is build on the research from the benchmarking and best practices activities. Risks associated with implementation of the automated workflow processes are identified and documented. The resultant To-Be processes are validated and duly approved by the management of the organisation before implementation.


Change Management and communication plan: at this stage we design the project change management strategy and communication plan. Design training manual and the assist in conducting functional trainings.



BPR Process



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