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Spectrum Planning (India) Limited  is a group of consulting professionals with a combination of both experience and knowledge. We have worked with governments and corporate in a large number of fields the world over. We have expertise in manufacturing industry, Government sector, service industries and finance. Our  management team drives the vision & the strategic direction and brings the technical experience while the Advisors bring to the company a wealth of experience, unceasing flow of ideas to address clients' current & future requirements and guide us to achieve our business growth.

Ours is a dedicated team of professionals who aim to provide quality service at reasonable cost. We understand how important your business is and we realize the role our services can play to help you achieve your business objectives.

With our strong understanding of technology and business we have been able to provide software solutions and consultancy services to our customers globally.



Andrew Hayman, Director (International Consulting)



Over 33 Years
Field  of Expertise   



Cost reduction and service improvement, development of strategic initiatives, business re-engineering, feasibility studies, development of EPOS driven supply chains, process re-design and I.T. development; project management. Experience includes - All aspects of business management within Retail and Manufacturing, including retail operations, logistics environments, decision support systems, and Information technology. Has 24 years of worldwide (undertaking assignments in over 24 countries) consulting experience across many industry sectors.

Can converse in Afrikaans and has understanding of Portuguese and French

Assignments Handled


GAVI in the DRC to establish a review of the potential supply chain strategies for combining activities with other donor agencies.

World Health Organisation to create a Pandemic Supply and Deployment simulation tool to reflect the activities and timings for sourcing and delivering vaccines to any type of Pandemic.

Undertaking a Supply Chain assessment in Ethiopia to ascertain the capability of the Pharmaceutical Funding & Supply Agency (PFSA) to meet the demands of the proposed Ethiopian Health Insurance scheme (EHIA). This assessment covered all aspects of supply chain management from Forecasting through Procurement; and MIS to Infrastructure. Also identifying the shortfalls associated with order fill; inventory management; stock availability and delivery service levels and their root causes.

Creating an understanding of the models and processes for GAVI that are employed by the private sector in the health and non-health sectors (specifically within Gavi-eligible countries) for the maintenance and management of cold chain and related equipment. Models from Med Diagnosis, Vaccines, FMCG, Perishable Goods (i.e. meat, vegetables, flowers etc.)

Creating an understanding for GAVI (Global Vaccine Alliance) of the pre-conditions for successful engagement of the private sector (particularly in the public health context) and the steps that would be needed to create an active market for private sector engagement in the maintenance of cold chain equipment and potential business models:

  • Marketplace feasibility
  • Identification of market failures & recommendations
  • Maintenance Market developed & managed via the CCE Platform
  • Mechanism to aggregate maintenance providers, connect them, forum, match demand/supply, create visibility & competition

Developing a Maintenance Guideline for GAVI for the upkeep of Cold Chain Equipment (CCE)

Project leader on a World Health Organisation project to determine the preparedness of 58 countries to meet the demands of deploying vaccines in the event of a Pandemic. Assessment made of all 58 National Vaccine Deployment Plans (NVDP). Matrix of standards created to which each countries NVDP was compared.

Designing and developing a Warehousing & Distribution Tool Kit for Medical Stores organisations under the banner of SIAPS (Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services), a project for USAID. This manual encompassed all supply chain activities from Forecasting through to Last Mile delivery. It was in two parts being Practical Knowledge and A “How to Guide”

Undertaking a market review of Kenya Uganda for the provision of Container transport services and warehousing on behalf of Imperial Health Sciences. This included the outline of vehicle fleet mix; administration and support services; revenue and cost analysis; customs procedures; route analysis and direct contact with potential clients to obtain appropriate data;  resulting in a the development of a strategic plan.

Undertaking warehouse management training for the Malawi Essential Medicines Logistics Project. Through a multi-donor call to action, Imperial subcontracted to the USAID/DELIVER PROJECT to rapidly deploy an in-country warehousing and distribution operation to facility to urgent need of distributing Essential Medicines, malaria programme and reproductive health commodities throughout the country.


Undertaking a Strategic review of all warehouse and MIS operations of KEMSA IN Kenya incorporating Maturity assessments (benchmarking to “Best Practice”). Training all staff in “Best Practice” warehouse management techniques. Recommendations included new operational processes; revised warehouse layout; new MIS functionality; new infrastructure

Working with the SURE project in Uganda to create supply chain efficiencies for the Joint Medical Store, encompassing warehouse optimisation; business process transformation; procurement audit; operational efficiencies; and development of user needs analysis for a potential new MIS system.

Undertaking project management activities for the CAMERWA Mozambique project

Undertaking various RFPs for the acquisition of racking and MHE

Undertaking the analysis, design and an RFP for the establishment of a new distribution network

Creating a specification for a sophisticated security system for the main central warehouse and undertaking an RFP to find the best supplier

Designing the practical elements of a degree course for supply chain management for the MoH of Mozambique in conjunction with WITS Business School

Establishing design criteria for all new warehouses and warehouse extensions in conjunction with the Infrastructure people at USAID

Managing the assessment of 51 health facilities to establish the quality of data and to populate the LMIS system that had been implemented in the GAZA province.

Setting up a pilot study for the proposed supply chain in the Gaza Province of Mozambique

Undertaking a total strategic supply chain analysis for the Ministry of Health in Liberia

Designing an implementing the assessment of all the Provincial warehouses (10) for the Ministry of Health in Mozambique with a view to changing the operational status and transferring the human resources to the central warehouses.

Designing and implementing the assessment of all the district stores (148) FOR CMAM within Mozambique with a view to establishing infrastructure; MIS and human resource requirements.

Undertaking the development of a Pharmaceutical Logistics Master Plan (PLMP) for the Central de Medicamentos y Artigos Médicos (CMAM) and the Ministry of Health of Mozambique encompassing all aspects of the supply chain and the operational capabilities required for CMAM. Undertaking a Business Process Transformation on the CMAM processes; completing a supply chain design; developing designs and operational specifications for three new central warehouses; developing a new organigram that reflects the implementation of process and category management (creation of category specialisation); creating GIS maps of all provincial and district health facilities with the modelling of different delivery patterns to create time / distance and cost matrices.

Undertaking the design of warehouse layouts and the selection of fast-pick racking equipment (gravity-fed) for the National Medical Stores and the Joint Medical Stores in Uganda. The designs incorporated the development of new operational processes and product flows.

Working with the Pharmaceutical Task Force of Rwanda to assess the capability of the 30 (thirty) District Pharmacies to become an effective part of the planned Active Distribution implementation. Undertaking an assessment of the requirements for implementing Active Distribution in Rwanda.

Undertaking an in-depth assessment of the CMAM operation in Mozambique from a supply chain perspective with a recommendation to undertake a Pharmaceutical Logistics Master Plan in early 2009

Undertaking evaluation of the MSD operation in Tanzania and creating a “Request for Quotation” (RFQ) for racking; equipment; kit-form warehouse and the construction thereof.

Undertaking the tender evaluations for racking and MHE for Camerwa in Rwanda together with applying best practice in warehouse operations to improve efficiencies.

Project managing the implementations of the MACS WMS and the SAGE L500 financial modules at JMS Uganda.

Evaluating the strategic requirements for warehouse development and re-engineering for Camerwa in Rwanda.

Undertaking physical warehouse re-engineering at JMS Uganda including re-organising the picking operation and installing new racking.

Setting up the base for implementing the MACS warehouse management system into PSP Cote d’Ivoire.

Undertaking a warehouse evaluation for MSD in Tanzania.

Undertaking a Business Process Transformation project for the National Medical Stores, Uganda.

Supply Chain evaluation for the National Medical Stores, Uganda, incorporating new network design; warehouse designs; MIS evaluation, Distribution evaluation and re-design. Producing a supply chain strategy.

Development of supply chain strategy encompassing a Pilot Study for Ethiopia.

Working with Pharmid, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to strengthen the operation of their HIV Commodities warehouse, including specifying building enhancements including producing design drawings; creating a new plan for introduction of appropriate racking together with a ROI analysis; running an SOP development workshop; agreeing new SOP Process Maps; Specifying WMS requirements; developing job descriptions; and producing timelines for future activities.

Undertaking an Invitation to Tender for the refurbishment of the warehouses and the supply of equipment and racking systems (both local and International suppliers) for the Pharmacie de Sante Publique in the Cote d’Ivoire.

Working with the Pharmacie de Sante Publique (PSP) in the Cote d’Ivoire to determine the best MIS environment to manage their on-site warehouses and processes.

Working with the Pharmacie de Sante Publique in the Cote d’Ivoire to create a strategy for the enhancement of all their on-site warehouses in Abidjan.

Developing the design criteria and designs for a new National Cold Store at Georgetown Airport, Guyana for SCMS and USAID.

Strategic Study of the Ugandan Joint Medical Stores with recommendations and action plans for the way forward.

Design, creation and implementation of total supply chain for 51 rural hospitals in Tanzania encompassing all activities from Procurement through eventual delivery.

Developed total company structure and infrastructure including I.T. for major Dutch Intermodal supplier

Restructured logistics, supply chain and developed alternatives from retail centralisation for major Hungarian Milk & Dairy Producer (24% of Hungary market)

Undertook strategic supply chain study for The Entertainer the largest independent UK Toy retailer

BPR project member for a leading potable oil refiner and manufacturer, in the Bulk, Food service and Consumer markets, to determine cause and effect of poor customer service, to establish level of non-value added activities, and to determine a plan for improvement

Successfully completed cube optimisation study and development of supply chain and  financial models for Swaddlers Ltd, a subsidiary of ANGELLINI of Italy

Implemented Cost To Serve models to 47 major FMCG companies



Dr. Joseph l. Plakkoottam



Over 43 Years
Field  of Expertise   




Assignments Handled


Organised the academic programs of the Centre and advised students, research scholars and college professors who visited the Centre from all over Asia and Africa.

Develop policy papers on water management and climate change

Develop impact studies/project on water management

Coordinate all M&E Activities of the Project including work of consulting agencies preparing Project implementation Plan, Baseline Report, Environment and Social Management Audits, Concurrent Monitoring, Longitudinal benefit tracking.

Lead writer and editor all project publications (progress reports, process documents, films, newsletters etc.)

Principal author of “Andhra Pradesh Youth Policy”

Prepared the “AP Youth Policy Implementation Plan and Way Forward”

Led the team that prepared the Need Assessment Report and Eight Detailed Project Reports for the World Bank funded ‘Kerala Local Government Service Delivery Project (KLGSDP).’

Coordinated various surveys and studies: (1) Competitiveness Opinion Survey for Andhra Pradesh: The Voice of the Business Community for The Andhra Pradesh Competitiveness Report 2016; (2) Quarterly Stakeholder perception surveys, (3) Industry survey.

Mission-wise Progress Analysis through KPIs: Andhra Pradesh, 2015 (Key author and editor)

Prepared concept note on setting up: Innovative Practices Cell, Planning Department.

Performance Assessment of Local Self Governments in Kerala under the Kerala Local Government Service Delivery Project (KLGSDP): Ernakulam, Idukki, Palakkad and Thrissur Districts.

Coordinated internal and external monitoring tasks, key author and editor of progress reports, proposal for project extension, project newsletters.

Coordinated internal and external monitoring tasks of the project, key author and editor of mid-term status reports, newsletter, and Book on Success Stories.

Advised the State Ground Water department to implement the PGM component in APCBTMP. Developed training modules and conducted training of departmental and project staff in PGM implementation process.

Project Formulation Team, Participatory Groundwater Management,  Irrigation and Command Area Development Department, AP Community Based Tank Management Project (World Bank assisted)

Research and documentation on natural resource management projects; Perspective Planning, Concept notes and project proposals

Community Development and Training, Indo-Dutch VISHWAS Project (Sanitation, Hygiene Education and Water Supply) in 310 urban and rural settlements in 6 coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh

External Advisory Services and Adviser – Community Development and Training, Indo-Dutch VISHWAS Project

Baseline Realities Report;

Participatory Groundwater Management (PGM)

Participatory Monitoring and Impact Assessment System (PMIAS)

Monitored progress, prepared quarterly progress reports, supervised preparation of technical notes and impact assessment

Supervised implementation of the Project in 7 districts of Andhra Pradesh

Developed a 5-year capacity building and training implementation plan for the APWELL Project and organised orientation and staff development training for the project staff at the state and district levels.

Was involved in the management of day to day research, teaching and training activities of the centre.

Also, acted as the administrative head of the centre in the absence of the Director.

Directed eight 4-week American Civilization Courses for research scholars and college teachers (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

Designed and directed a two-year post-graduate Diploma in Development Planning, for the University of Pune. This has now become a MA/MSc program in Development Planning and Administration of the University of Pune.

Chairman, Academic Committee, Two-year Master's Diploma in Development Planning, School of Development Planning, Centre for Development Studies and Activities, Pune.

Joint Coordinator, University of Minnesota Studies in International Development, Semester Abroad Program, CDSA, Pune, (1987-89) 

Taught two courses: ‘Survey of Sociology’ and ‘Introduction to Sociology’ to freshmen

Coordinated background research for proposal  “Ability to Pay for Low Income Housing ‑ A Housing Scheme for 12 Class IV Employees' Associations of Andhra Pradesh Government ‑‑ A Report to HUDCO and Hyderabad Urban Development Authority, 1977.

Member, Research and Computer Analysis, Centre for Devel­opment Studies and Activities, Pune “Social Inputs for Area Development: A Pilot Project for Ratnagiri District,” Project funded by UNICEF, New Delhi, 1978.

Member, Study Team, “Descriptive Cum Critical Study of Education System in Andhra Pradesh,” Centre for Education­al Policy and Management, Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad for the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Prepared research proposal on: “Management of non-formal education in India.”



Dr. Regi Thomas



Over 20 Years
Field of Expertise  :

Agriculture Economist 

Assignments Handled


Managing year-long agricultural and entrepreneurship program
To manage the AC/ABC program and short term training programs of MANAGE, Hyderabad
Teaching Green Economy for MA Globalization and Labor program
Curriculum content design, and co-authoring relevant content on rural development, communication, local self- government. Under CM’s Leadership Development Program, Govt of Madhya Pradesh
Advisor to the process documentation study of Large Bulk water supply schemes, KRWSA (Jalanidhi), Kerala.
Team Leader – Need Assessment for backward LSGs, Kerala and preparation of DPRs for development projects
Team Leader, Performance Assessment of 338 Kerala Local Self Government Institutions in Idukki, Ernakulam, Thrissur and Palakkad Districts
Entrepreneurship training program for Naxal affected regions in the country conducted in MGIRI. (funded by MHRD)
Wenner Gren Foundation (USA) funded research on Ayurveda Commodity Chain research



Dr. R. Ratnakar



Over 36 Years
Field of Expertise  :

Agriculture Extension

Assignments Handled


External Monitoring and Evaluation  Team AP TS CBTMP ( World bank assisted), APILIP  (JICA) Impact evaluation: AP & TS
3rd party Monitoring and Evaluation of Extension Reforms – ATMA and SREP, RKVY (Ministry of Agri & Cooperation, Govt of India)  in AP and Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Impact evaluation of Bt Cotton in AP
Monitoring and Evaluation of Agricultural projects and Extension activities: M&E of ATMA, RKVY in AP and Andaman & Nocobar Islands 2010-11 and 2011-12
External Monitoring & Evaluation of APCBTMP – Socio Economic Impact 2009-16
Impact Assessment of APILIP, AP and Telangana State
Impact Evaluation of Bt Cotton in Andhra Pradesh 2010-11




Dilip Bhargava



M.Tech. , IIT Kanpur



Over 40 Years                                   

Field of Expertise   

Application of Operations Research techniques in various functional areas of management  covering industry sectors- Engineering, Trading, Service  industry  (mostly IT), Para-banking,Management  Systems.

Conceptualization, Design, Re-engineering, Development and Implementation of transactions based Consultancy.

Assignments Completed

Design and Development of Optimisation Model for retail logistics covering Retail Outlets, Storage Points, Supply Points and Network of routes in each mode-Rail/Pipe/Road/Sea for India's one of the largest petroleum company.

Knowledge Management Studies for Module One India Limited. IT Consulting.

Re-engineered & Developed innovative IT systems for Effective and Efficient utilization of para-banking resources of financial organisation.

Developed Logistic Model to decide the stocking points, mode and frequency of transport to meet the demand of customers and at minimum feasible total cost of Logistics for oil retailing company.

Increased the production of tractors from a figure of 36 per shift to 57 per shift (58% increase) by balancing the assembly line alone without any investment or engineering methods improvement of manufacturing for  tractor manufacturing company.

Redesigned the systems & procedures for importing commodities from 30 different countries, implemented Points of Sale System and ERP system for  Trading Co. in Jeddah.

Software Development & Data Processing Center - using Unix OS and Cobol language for Examination Processing (Pre-Exam and post-exam) for boards & Universities across India.

Initial Public Offer of Securities (registrar to Issue activities) to be traded. Bank Reconciliation of Savings Bank Accounts, TTs, Drafts Payable etc. Fixed Deposits (issue of FD receipts and subsequent maintenance of accounts).



A. Dayal



B. Tech (IIT -K)



Over 33 years

Field of Expertise 


Experience in the areas of HR and Management Consulting, having provided consulting expertise to a large number of Indian Business Houses and MNCs

Assignments Completed


Design of Managerial Jobs Recast and Performance Management System used to enrich Managerial Jobs and enable them focus more on Development work than on Maintenance / Routine work

Organization Restructuring, Manpower assessment, Competency Assessment, Career and Succession Planning and Mentor-Mentee schemes Shop floor Worker productivity improvement using Proprietary “7 Star” Model to create development journeys for each workman on the Shop floor

Design of Objective Performance Management System, Organization Rightsizing, Creation of a Performance Management System with Variable Performance Linked Pay and Manpower Assessment

Redesign of the Organization Structure, Preparation of Job Descriptions for the new structure and creation of an Incentive Scheme, Compensation Model & Process for Objective Evaluation.

Market survey, Detailed Feasibility study including technology evaluation & tie-up, Sick unit revival plans etc.




P.S.S Prabakar Rao



B.Tech (Chemical Engineering), M. Tech  (IIT-D).



Over 26 Years

Field of Expertise 


Management and Project Consultancy in Industry verticals  Viz. Petroleum Sector, Banking, Fertilizers, Chemical, Power /Energy, Petrochemical, Telecom/I.T., Food, Precision Engineering, Automobile, FMCG, Cement and Glass.

Assignments Completed Indian Petroleum Industry logistics analysis for potential entry of a large U.K. multinational

Investment potential and feasibility Analysis for launch of a U.S multinational in India for manufacture of world class Facades and Roofing’s.

Optimization of Inventory and effective material management systems resulting in considerable savings to large corporation.

Project Management  and  Business Development Services, Supply Chain Optimization and Socio-Economic Studies.

Project Management  Systems covering all functional areas of operations for a  large process plant

Design & Development of Depot Optimization  Model for Retail Logistics covering retail outlets, Storage points, Supply Points and Network of  Routs in each Mode- Pipe/Rail/Road/Sea         

Diversification strategies based on backward   /forward Integration for leading private & public  sector    corporations   Planning  research/field  survey  using  population -approach for Consumer and Industrial Products-, viz; Basic Chemicals, Petrochemicals etc

Status studies of Core Industrial Sectors & Textile machinery, Petro Chemicals & Food Processing

Technology Status Studies, Technology Sourcing,  Evaluation  and Selection.

Technical audit  studies on optimal  costs & price structure.

Turnkey project implementation of Chemical Process Plants.

Impact assessment study in terms of Social, Physical and Economic Impacts in National Capital  Region  Comprising of 19 Satellite towns.









Mr. G. K. Palekar



Over 23 Years
Field of Expertise  :

Product Development, Vendor Development, Inventory Management, Spare-parts  Management production / Engineering purchasing, Ship repairs, large equipment repairs, new project site set up and very large product movement including imports and exports





Headed Materials and Logistics department of Essar
Software design Projects for L&T (Distribution Management) and MCGM (Fleet Management) System.
Project Planning and technical trouble shooting to setup a workshop
Organized workshops on various aspects of Supply Chain Management for IIMM, IMC, BMA, MSC, NITIE etc
Being BSI certified ISO 9000 Lead auditor conducted various ISO 9000 Audits and helped in implementations of ISO 9002 in SSI manufacturing unit.


Our well-established offices in Delhi, NCR, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai have all the modern amenities for effective communication, reprographic and facsimile functions. In addition we have state-of-the-art EDP facilities.

The facilities comprise:

Hardware :

10 Nos. of Dual Core 3.00 Ghz. Machines running Windows NT. All machines are networked. Each machine is equipped with 2 GB RAM with combined disk capacity of 500 GB, CD-DVD Writer, and WiFi enabled MODEMS.


Windows 2000 Server and Windows xp / 7/8, Oracle 9i, MS Office 2007/10, Visual Basic 7.0, Visual C++, JAVA 2.0 for development and Data processing needs.


Our team of EDP and software Professionals have an experience ranging from 10 to 15 years in the industry. They all have strong educational backgrounds with B.Tech. &  M. Tech. in Computer Science, MBAs and Masters in Social Science.


Our team is fully competent / well conversant with all the latest computing tools such as graphics spread sheets, statistical tools etc.and management techniques/tools with wide industry experience.   

 Organization Structure

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Organization Setup


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