Processes, Monitoring and Management Systems (An Enterprise Wide Solution)


It has all the features to launch an organisation into the world of business intelligence. It is a true enterprise solution, these features are available to all users based on set access privileges.

The system uses a unique concept called UOM - unit of measurement. UOMs can be defined at all levels of the organisation. So, once the key strategic goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are defined, the middle management layer can fix the corresponding measures using UOMs and define necessary projects for the organisation across all the business processes. If required, the project planning and defining measures can be delegated to the lower level, which system allows for. Once the planning is done, system allows users to report against these measures and track the progress of the project vis-a-vis the set measures. Most of the features in the system allow decision-makers to see a consolidated picture of these measures depending on the organization’s information hierarchy. As all the data comes from a single database, it is one truth–all the time, any time.

Design and Detailed Engineering Services


Scope of Work Undertaken:

  • Design and detail engineering of effective systems for recovery of water, hydrocarbon condensate and gas vapor in three distinct stream including design of storage facility.

  • Preparation of P & I, Flow diagram, material balance sheet, detail engineering drawings & Isometrics of the proposed system.

  • Preparation of bill of materials and Equipment with detail engineering specification, including inspection and testing details required for procurement.

  • Details of jobs required for erection, installation and commissioning of the proposed plant/system.

  • Preparation of SOP (Safe Operation Procedure) for the plant & to indicate manpower required for operation including the skill level of the operating personnel.

  • Productive & Preventive Maintenance schedules and spares that will be required for the initial 3 years after implementation of the new proposed.




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