Examples of Project Achievements in Business Processes Re-engineering(BPR)




Design , Development and Implementation of Complete system for admission followed by Second Phase covering complete system design and automation of exam branch  (covering 80 constituent colleges, 180 departments and large numbers of centres covering verity of different kinds of exams at UG, PG and research levels.)



Reengineered Systems of Para-banking using innovative methods application software of branch automation was developed using Vb6 And Btrieve database





Reengineered total business activities for pager business whose customer service on the introduction of new products to the market rose from circa 50% to over 85% in 6 months, a mobile radio business whose profitability went from about a negative 25% to projected plus 15% over 18 months, development times cut by circa 35% - on pagers from 12 months to 8 months and on mobile radios (projected) from 24-36 months to circa 16-24 and as a point of interest it has been noted that the pager operation was later transferred intact to another Group BU, and the mobile radio business was sold as a profitable ongoing concern when the Group exited the area for ‘strategic reasons’ as part of a commitment to focus more on its core technologies and consumer product ranges.




Re-design and development of modified process for an European Supply Chain of an American based global printer, imaging, computer and consumables manufacturer. Total process was re-engineered for more customer focused and responsive Supply Chain for the UK printer and imaging products Consumer Business, developed over the course of 9 months, led to

  • Doubling of sales to the indicated major key account retail customer.  This reflected the predicted increase to the range of 30-35% of total product category sales by them;

  • Customer service levels being raised from the 35-50% range to 80% plus, with 95% plus becoming possible through processes to be introduced by the wider global initiative;

  • Timely shipments of bundles (e.g. for promotions, merchandising, etc.) became possible and reliable for the ‘reserved’ (i.e. available) products.




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