Spectrum Planning (India) Limited is a Management Consultancy Organization specialized in Decision Sciences comprising Data Collation, Database design , Data Analysis, Reporting, Conducting Impact Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluations Studies, Baseline Studies and Operations Research. Originally established as TECHNOCRATS CONSORTIUM, in the year 1990, by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals (alumni of IIT-Delhi & Kanpur) having experience spanning over 200 consulting man-years. In April 1997, the name was changed to SPECTRUM PLANNING (INDIA) LTD after collaboration with SPECTRUM PLANNING (U.K) LTD .

One key area of specialization Spectrum Planning (India) Limited has been evaluation studies of government and non-government research and development organisations and projects thereof.

During last twenty four of operations, company has provided comprehensive personalized knowledge based consulting services to leading medium and large sized corporate organizations and government departments through four main business groups comprising:


   Data Analytics & Audit.

   Supply Chain Management Group

   Innovation and development

   Design, Detailed Engineering and Processes/Project/Performance Management Systems Group

    Management and Business Development Advisory Services Group

   Socio-Economic Research Group

   Experts in External evaluation of Research Capacity Building Projects in developing economies

   Management of evaluation processes of complex projects/programs

   Innovation and development studies research: Knowledge of innovation processes in the )

   developing country context (with special reference to Asia and Africa)

   Long term experience in consultancies and evaluation work in Africa, Asia and Europe



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