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Socio–Economic Impact Assessment & Analysis of the various Schemes and Programs of Department of Biotechnology (DBT) Government of India 
This study is being undertaken with the following objectives:

      1. To assess socio-economic impact of DBT interventions in various sectors,

      2. To look into the macro-economic impact of the DBT programmes, and   

      3. To assess the impact of DBT interventions in specific areas: human resource development, agriculture, health, environmental, regional, and societal

Study covers part from the North East Region Programme, HRD programme: (i) Teaching; (ii) Training (iii) Fellowships & Awards; DBT Special Programmes viz. Biotechnology for Societal Development and Biotechnology Career Advancement & Reorientation Program (BioCare); Mission Programmes: Bio-tech KISAN Programme, Bio-Pharma Mission Programme, Mission Innovation etc.; Research & Development: (i) Medical Biotechnology, (ii) Agriculture & Allied Areas, (iii) Knowledge Generation, Discovery and research, new tool and technologies, (iv) Energy Environmental and Bio- Resource Based Application (iv) Bio-informatics, (vi) Human Genetics, (vii) Bio-Design; Transnational & Industrial Development Program.

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